Where Can I Find Mobile Vehicle Bay Fragments in Subnautica

You can find Mobile Vehicle Bay Fragments in Subnautica near the Aurora’s wreckage and the Grassy Plateaus biome. These biomes have the highest chances of containing the necessary fragments for crafting the Mobile Vehicle Bay.

Subnautica is a captivating open-world underwater exploration game that challenges players to survive in a vast alien ocean. The game offers stunning visuals and an immersive experience as players navigate through diverse biomes, encounter unique sea creatures, and unravel the mysteries of the deep.

One essential component of Subnautica’s gameplay is the crafting system, which allows players to build tools, vehicles, and structures to aid in their underwater survival. To progress in the game, players need to locate fragments, such as the Mobile Vehicle Bay Fragments, which are crucial for unlocking new technology and expanding their capabilities in the underwater world. We will guide you on where to find Mobile Vehicle Bay Fragments in Subnautica, helping you enhance your gameplay experience and exploration of this beautiful, yet dangerous, underwater world.

Where Can I Find Mobile Vehicle Bay Fragments in Subnautica

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1. Underwater Biomes

Subnautica is a vast underwater world filled with biomes teeming with life and resources. To find Mobile Vehicle Bay Fragments, you’ll need to explore the various underwater biomes scattered across the game. Here are three biomes where you can encounter these valuable fragments:

Kelp Forests

Kelp Forests are vibrant and lush underwater environments where you can find an abundance of flora and fauna. These biomes are characterized by towering kelp plants that reach towards the surface, creating an enchanting sight. Mobile Vehicle Bay Fragments can be found scattered among the kelp, waiting to be discovered. Keep an eye out for wreckage and explore the caves in this biome as they often hide valuable fragments.

Grassy Plateaus

The Grassy Plateaus are vast expanses of underwater meadows filled with colorful plant life. Here, sunlight filters through the water, illuminating the bioluminescent creatures that call this biome home. Be on the lookout for wreckage and explore the crevices and rocky formations in this area as Mobile Vehicle Bay Fragments can often be found nestled among the marine flora and hidden in the wreckage.

Safe Shallows

The Safe Shallows biome is where your journey in Subnautica begins. It is a relatively shallow and calm area, with sandy seafloors and gentle waves. While Mobile Vehicle Bay Fragments can be more difficult to find in this biome compared to the others, they can still be discovered in wreckage scattered across the ocean floor. Explore the caves and investigate any debris you come across to increase your chances of finding these important fragments.

Where Can I Find Mobile Vehicle Bay Fragments in Subnautica

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2. Shipwrecks And Caves

When it comes to locating Mobile Vehicle Bay Fragments in Subnautica, shipwrecks and caves are prime locations to explore. These areas offer dynamic experiences and present challenges that make the quest for fragments both exciting and rewarding. Let’s dive into these environments to uncover the best strategies for finding the elusive fragments.

Exploring Wrecks For Fragments

Exploring shipwrecks in Subnautica can yield valuable Mobile Vehicle Bay Fragments. In these wrecked vessels, fragments are often scattered about, waiting to be discovered. Enter these perilous environments with caution, as the rewards can be substantial yet accompanied by potential dangers. Utilize the Seamoth or Seaglide for easier navigation through intricate passageways within the wreckage. Keep an eye out for the distinctive glow of the fragments to ensure they don’t go unnoticed among the debris.

Searching Caves For Fragments

Caves harbor potential Mobile Vehicle Bay Fragments as well. Traverse these dark, mysterious environments carefully, equipped with a light source to illuminate the surroundings. Look for openings and crevices within the cave walls, as fragments may be hidden in these obscured spaces. Utilize the Propulsion Cannon or Repulsion Cannon to clear obstructions and uncover any fragments hidden from plain view. Keep an eye out for any hostile fauna that may inhabit these caves, ensuring your safety while on the hunt for fragments.

3. Deep Sea Locations

Discover deep sea locations in Subnautica to find Mobile Vehicle Bay Fragments. These elusive fragments are scattered throughout the abyssal depths waiting to be uncovered by intrepid explorers. Dive into the eerie darkness and explore the unknown to enhance your underwater vehicle capabilities.

Jellyshroom Caves

Jellyshroom Caves is a fantastic place to search for Mobile Vehicle Bay fragments. The caves can be found at a depth of around 200 meters and are brimming with resources, making it an ideal spot for exploration. You can locate the fragments among the various stalagmites and flora in this area. Be cautious with your movements as the environment can be quite dark and disorienting.

Sparse Reef

When diving into the Sparse Reef, keep an eye out for the Mobile Vehicle Bay fragments. This stunning location features intricate rock formations and vibrant marine life. Scan the area carefully to uncover the fragments scattered within the reef. The deep sea holds many mysteries, and the Sparse Reef is definitely a place worth exploring for these essential blueprints.

Where Can I Find Mobile Vehicle Bay Fragments in Subnautica

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4. Tips And Tricks

If you’re playing Subnautica and wondering where to find mobile vehicle bay fragments, you’re in the right place. In this section, we will provide you with some valuable tips and tricks to help you locate these essential fragments more efficiently. Read on to enhance your gameplay and expedite the construction of your mobile vehicle bay.

Using Scanners Effectively

Scanners are an invaluable tool in Subnautica that can help you locate fragments and other resources throughout the game. To make the most of your scanner, follow these tips:

  • Equip your scanner by selecting it from your inventory.
  • Use your scanner while exploring different biomes and areas of the map.
  • Pay attention to the scanner’s audio and visual cues, which will become more intense when you are near a fragment.
  • Scan any fragments you find to unlock future blueprints and increase your chances of finding mobile vehicle bay fragments.
  • Consider upgrading your scanner range and speed to cover more ground and improve your chances of finding fragments.

Prioritizing Fragment Collection

With limited inventory space and various fragments scattered throughout the game, it’s essential to prioritize your collection efforts. Here are some tips to help you maximize your fragment intake:

  1. Focus on exploring wrecks, caves, and other areas known to contain fragments.
  2. Dedicate specific gameplay sessions solely to fragment hunting.
  3. Scan fragments you already have to ensure you don’t pick up duplicates.
  4. Discard unnecessary items from your inventory to make room for fragments.
  5. Keep track of the fragments you still need to find, using a notepad or in-game markers.

By following these tips and tricks, you’ll significantly improve your chances of finding mobile vehicle bay fragments in Subnautica. Utilize your scanner effectively, prioritize your fragment collection, and soon enough, you’ll have that mobile vehicle bay up and running in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Where Can I Find Mobile Vehicle Bay Fragments In Subnautica

Where Can I Find Mobile Vehicle Bay Fragments In Subnautica?

In Subnautica, Mobile Vehicle Bay Fragments can be found in the Grassy Plateaus, Kelp Forest, and Seabed Caves biomes. Look for wrecks, caves, and under protruding rocks for these fragments.

Are Mobile Vehicle Bay Fragments Rare In Subnautica?

Mobile Vehicle Bay Fragments are not rare but may require exploration. They are scattered in different locations, like wrecks and caves, within accessible biomes. Keep exploring to locate them.

How Many Fragments Are Needed To Build The Mobile Vehicle Bay?

You need a total of three Mobile Vehicle Bay Fragments to build the Mobile Vehicle Bay in Subnautica. Once you collect all three fragments, you can construct the Mobile Vehicle Bay in your base.

Any Tips For Finding Mobile Vehicle Bay Fragments Efficiently?

To find Mobile Vehicle Bay Fragments faster, use a scanner room with range upgrades to locate fragments in the nearby area. Explore wrecks and caves systematically while keeping an eye out for hidden fragments.


To conclude, finding mobile vehicle bay fragments in Subnautica can be a challenging task. However, by exploring wrecks, scanning for fragments in the Mushroom Forest, and checking out Degasi Seabases, you can increase your chances of success. Remember to bring a scanner and be prepared to face the dangers of the ocean depths.

Happy hunting!

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